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The goal of this Wikia is to cover all aspects of the marriage dynamics in the country of Iran.

Marriage In IranEdit

Marriage is a very complex matters in all cultures, this is especially true in the country of Iran, where incest is a common practice, marriage outside of religion is shameful, the fight for equality for women is still a struggle, temporary marriage is a common practice, and adultery is punishable by death.

Adultery and Repercussions Edit

Married women in Iran are subjected to the fiercest punishments simply because the men are so dominant and controlling within the law and society. Two Iranian women, Zohreh Kabiri-niat and her sister Azar, were stoned to death because one of them was accused of committing adultery by her husband. The authorities lied about Zohreh completing a confession, and the video tapes of her home didn't prove adultery. However, she was still lashed 99 times, retried (which is illegal in Iran) and resentenced to stoning.

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